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Shall we review Ray’s family expense for January?

Our expenses are pretty consistent but it’s good to review monthly. By reviewing our expenses each month, it allows us to be on our toes and tends to help us stay true to our budget…sort of.

I use my own excel spread sheet to track my money in details but I use Personal Finance app daily to check my overall finance. I call my spreadsheet “Kakeibo.” The word, Kakeibo, means “Household Account Book” in Japanese. My mother has a stack of Kakeibo that she has handwritten in since she got married. I created my own spreadsheet instead but the purpose is exactly the same.  The purpose is to track where your money is going. Let’s see what’s on my Kakeibo this month!

Let’s start with our main expenses such as the mortgage and utilities.

Here is how much we spent for our house. Our mortgage payment is $1216.28 but we add $500 extra towards the principle. Total =$1716.28 and $40 monthly HOA fee. People have different opinions on HOA but we do not mind. I like living in a clean neat looking community with no street parking. For me, having an HOA is way better than not.

Now, here is our utilities. I am proud of our cell phone bill. This is for two of us. Our service provider is T-Mobile.

Our deal is “4 lines for $100 with 2GB data.” We also have our employer’s discount of 10%. Some people may think “Oh, it’s not unlimited data so I would not sign up for the deal!” We do not look at it that way. We say “Can’t beat this. We can live with 2GB data!” So, we invited my husband’s parents into this plan, which saved them over $100 in cell phone bill, too!

This deal is so wonderful that T-mobile is giving us 4GB instead of 2GB for a limited time. I don’t know why but we got lucky with this deal. T-mobile rep told us that we won’t find this deal anymore.

I’m not happy with COX bill though. We have the second highest speed. They seem to raise the rate by $5 every other months. Next month, you will see this will change. We think this is the place to cut the cost, if we want to.

Electricity bill is nice and low. Winter in Las Vegas is a nice break from high energy cost in summer. Our water bill seems to be high but we are doing what we can do to save water. Our irrigation is off and we cannot find any leaks so…I guess it is what it is. It seems they raised the rate, too.

Very straight forward. Miscellaneous membership fee is my husband’s union fee. It did not get deducted from his paycheck so we had to pay separately. Normally the section should be zero. Costco raised the membership fee. Oh well…


 The only insurance we needed to pay for this month was our life insurance policy. People should sign up for TERM Life Insurance as soon as possible to keep the cost as low as possible.


These are what we normally pay monthly.

What did we spend money on daily?

We spent $372.53 in groceries and dine out. This is more than I would like to spend normally for two of us. One date night, we chose a local Japanese Izakaya style restaurant that I always wanted to try, which ended up costing us about $88 with gratuity. So, this could have been lowered by simply selecting a less expensive restaurant. Overall, our food cost averaged $12 per day. I think that is not too shabby. What do you think?

Here is what we spent for our transportation. I love my Prius. My husband’s Element is old but this car is so charming. We love it. Our Element is about 13 years old but it is used only for my husband’s commute and drives just perfect!

 Our kids are….our puppies!

They were nice and cheap this month.


Nothing special here. Just cleaning products and etc.



We did not spend too much money on new clothes. It helps I’m not really into shopping.




We purchased VITAMIX!

Here it is! This month, we splurged on one item.

It is….. VITAMIX!

We finally did it! For last 7 years, we were using a $100 Ninja blender. We were happy with it and we were not planning to upgrade until it breaks BUT! we found a deal while visiting Costco Business Center. Normally it is sold for $349.99 but it was $75 off. We have seen $50 off before but we had never seen $75 off ($274.99). So we jumped on it. Check the rate on Amazon! I’m sure you cannot find one for $274.99!

This seems to be a spontaneous purchase. It may be considered “irresponsible.” However, we had been waiting for the right moment. We feel that it was the right moment. We ended up selling the old Ninja blender for $25 so it was like getting this VITAMIX for $250!

So, How much did we spend in total?

I think it’s not bad considering that $1700 out of the total expense went towards the mortgage. Yes, we had a spontaneous shopping and a spontaneous date night but overall the expense was not too high for us.

Do you know how much you spent on what in January?

How did you do?