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We love budget friendly & pet friendly road trips!

Yes, we are one of those people who consider our dogs our kids. So traveling with them is very important to us. Of course we sometimes travel without them but we try to find the best and most comfortable place for them to stay while we are away. So when we plan for our vacation budget, their hotel fees are definitely a part of it. Our goal is to travel with them as much as possible so when we travel with them, the hotels we stay have to be budget and pet friendly. It is definitely important to be flexible when traveling with dogs to cut the cost down.

We will show you how we enjoyed our 7 day doggy friendly road trip in Northern California.

The map shows you the rough route of our trip. Here are the actual course we took this time.

Day 1: Las Vegas to Lake Tahoe

Day 2: Lake Tahoe to Redding

Day 3: Redding to Eureka

Day 4: Eureka to Fort Bragg

Day 5: Fort Bragg to San Francisco

Day 6: Visited my husband’s brother’s family in Oakland

Day 7: Oakland to Las Vegas

As you can see, we were constantly driving, yet, we did not feel like we were rushing through. We enjoyed every moment of it (except when I got sick in SF). We had a rough idea of where we wanted to head but we did not know where we were staying each night. Since this trip was in December, camping was not an option for us. No matter how much money I want to save, I refuse to freeze my butt off. Our babies won’t enjoy that, either! So, I had some ideas of which dog friendly hotels/motels to look for.

Pet friendly hotels/motels we relied on on this trip.

I love some of the hotels claim themselves to be “pet-friendly” but they are NOT so “pet-friendly.” Most of the Las Vegas Casinos, for example, charge crazy amount of pet fees. It’s almost like telling the pet owners to not bring any pets. Knowing hotel brands like Kimpton can provide true pet-friendly hotels without compromising the quality of its brand, I would like to support and be loyal to them instead of paying not-so-friendly pet fees.

1: Kimpton Hotels

Our favorite pet friendly hotel. Their pet policy says: “we invite you to bring your furry, feathery or scaly family member — no matter their size, weight, or breed, all at no extra charge. If your pet fits through the door, we’ll welcome them in. ” 

This hotel brand is truly a pet friendly one. We used to have 3 dogs and it can be hard to find a hotel who will accept more than two dogs. Kimpton hotels never made us feel like we had too many dogs.

Their VIPs (Very Important Paws) are always well taken care of.  Staffs are so happy to see fury guests. This boutique hotel group is not cheap but it can be a great option due to the fact that they do not charge any pet fees.

2: La Quinta

Their pet policy states: “At La Quinta Inns & Suites®, your pets are always welcome. While the hotel does not require a deposit, there are some simple rules listed below you‘ll need to follow during your stay. In addition to our rules you are also responsible for being in compliance with all local laws and regulations.” You can visit here for the list of their rules.

La Quinta is a great option when you want a bit more comfortable bed than a motel bed. This brand does not charge any pet fees, either so that is another plus. We usually request a room that is closer to an exit door so that we can easily take our babies out for their bathroom trips. We like their free breakfast, too. It is nothing special but more than what we expect from “free breakfast.”

3: Red Lion Hotel

On this trip, we stayed in a Red Lion Hotel for the first time in Eureka, CA and we loved it. Their pet fee was affordable and they charged it “per stay” rather than “‘per night.” They do not have a clear pet policy listed on their website and it seems to differ from hotel to hotel.

We loved their bed and the spacious room. We have only stayed at Red Lion in Eureka so we would like to try other locations as well.

4: Motel 6

Some people may not like the idea of a budget friendly motel but we do not mind. We, as pet owners, need to be flexible and we do not expect much especially when we are on budget. Motel 6 does not only offer a budget-friendly room but also convenience. When we do not have many options for pet-friendly hotels in some areas, there’s always Motel 6 nearby in a convenient location. On our family road trips, we are thankful Motel 6 can be found anywhere!

I must say their main customer service line was very helpful. Once we had an unfortunate experience and when we expressed our concerns via email, they replied to us and asked us to call them. When we hesitatingly called them, they took care of the issue quickly and exceeded our expectation. We were very surprised with their professionalism.

Our travel blog posts to come!

I will post everything about our Norther CA road trips including how much we spent on this trip. I hope this will help readers to plan your next road trips!