There are two books that I want to mention.

I do not enjoy reading books as much as I wish I did. But there are two books that improved my financial lifestyle and  I am so glad that I read.
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We were on the Suze Orman show!

As I mentioned on “About” page, I am a big fan of Suze Orman. We were chosen to be on “Can I afford it?” segment of her show. My husband was so nervous but we were relieved to be “APPROVED” on our Europe trip. I still remember her saying, “Let’s make this easy for you. You guys are doing everything fine.”

She taught me how to plan our financial future when I just graduated college. Here we are, after over a decade since I found her show, our asset grew to be over $500,000. Although I know it’s because of this bull market, without her show I  wouldn’t have known anything about money.

When I just graduated college I started to read this book shown below.

The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke.

I thought it’s perfect for me. I was not in debt but I was broke. I didn’t even know what it’s like to save money in this country, either. I only had a checking and a saving account.

At that time, my now-husband and I were thinking about getting married. I thought I need to handle this money thing because he sure isn’t the type of a guy who would!

I must say this book is the reason why I became who I am financially. I am no way Wall Street savvy. I am such a chicken when it comes to investing money. But this book explained to me the smart way to save and invest for retirement. It definitely helped me to make the first money step!

This book also tells you how to handle your debt, student loan, home purchasing and etc. She is the reason why we saved enough money to put 20% down for our house, too.

If you haven’t read, I highly recommend this book to anyone out there. Although the title has the word “Young,” I think this book can help many people at any age.

As our assets grew, I became stressed out…

Yes, it feels good to see our money grow. No, I do not like the responsibilities that come with it. I became stressed out when my husband always said “I don’t know.” when I asked him something about our retirement and investment accounts. I felt lonely in the decision making process and got frustrated. Anyone has any similar experiences?

He thought he was not good enough to make any money decisions. But I needed his help. It was important to me that we, as a couple, plan our financial future together and make important decisions together.

That’s when I found out about this book.

The Simple Path to Wealth: Your road map to financial independence and a rich, free life.

I successfully got my husband to read this book! This is a book by Mr. JL Collins. He is a financial blogger that I was not aware of. I was on a forum and found out about this book. He highly regards Vanguard and I do, too. This book was very easy to read and it sure does offer a simple map to wealth. This allowed my husband to understand what’s important when we select mutual funds.

After reading this book, my husband and I sat down and re-selected our funds in our retirement accounts. If you have read, you know what fund we have chosen t