Who am I?

Living in Las Vegas but originally from Okayama in Japan. Love animals, traveling, gardening, nature and saving money. My goal is to achieve a lifestyle with no restrictions!


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Scott: My husband. Outdoor lover, Fun & Creative.
Bernie: Old & Blind but still my baby boy.
Pepper: A tomboy but a shy girl.
Two Turtles: Kame & Kuppa
This blog post may contain affiliate links. Shall we review Ray’s family expense for January? Our expenses are pretty consistent but it’s good to review monthly. By reviewing our expenses...
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We live Pseudo Paycheck-to-Paycheck lifestyle. Each month, we start with a set amount of money in our checking account. By the end of the month, the money is almost gone....
Without 2017 Money Review, we cannot start 2018!   I use Personal Capital to review my overall asset but I have my own excel spreadsheet to manage our family finance....
It has been 1 week since my first post It may not seem to be much progress but it takes time as a beginner who does not know anything about...
There are two books that I want to mention. I do not enjoy reading books as much as I wish I did. But there are two books that improved my...
Hello everyone! I’m Ray. This is my first post. You can tell that I do not know what I’m doing. So far, I created my ABOUT page. I still need...